EMS Patient Care Software ePCR

Helping medics to save people's lives

Transforming ways how EMS teams work

By analyzing and developing practical ways to make EMS processes more effective

By removing paperwork and creating data flow through connected systems in real-time

By creating comprehensive solutions for collecting PCR data for EMS teams

By creating tools that allows medics to make better treatment decisions

3 times

faster emergency call data collection


reduced chance of error

by 2:18 min

decreased average time of arrival

Enabling EMS workers to do what they know best

ePCR (electronic patient care report) allows EMS team to collect emergency call data quickly and with high quality

Patient data import

Import patient’s information from previous PCRs.

Smart search

Easily find results for multiple fields (doctors, hospitals, etc.).

Wise location search

Auto completion for finding cities and streets.

Offline mode

Work without interruptions, even when internet connection is not available.

Camera enabled

Take pictures that improve the quality of the report.

Intelligent validation

See sophisticated validations in real time which allow an errorless workflow.

SSN scanner

Scan patient’s personal data from an ID card.


Work from any place on mobile devices and PCs.

Shifting the focus to patient care

Making information collection, processing and exchange with other systems processes easier to EMS worker

  • Smart and intuitive

    ePCR (electronic patient care report) is integrated with EMS dispatch information system and designed to meet the existing processes, while providing an intuitive data filling sequence, which specifically guides the user through the report and enables him to fill the PCR faster as every single feature is available within two clicks.

  • Report data quality assurance

    ePCR tool has a sophisticated set of rules, consequently ensuring that all incorrectly filled or forgotten data fields are highlighted in real-time. Moreover, for your convenience, quick data entry lists (ICD-10-AM codes, cities, streets, hospitals and their departments, PHCs, doctors) are prepared in this solution.

  • Treatment recommendations

    The system also evaluates the patient's condition according to the data entered and gives suggestions, which medications or procedures are recommended for the patient's further treatment.

  • Real-time data flow

    EMS team active events are displayed in real-time. Whenever system receives a new event, users are instantly notified with alarm, letting team to respond immediately and save valuable time.

  • Mobile print stations

    Solution for EMS includes portable and lightweight printers, which operate even under the harshest conditions (from -10°C to +50°C) and allows you to print any number of copies in your current location. Furthermore, these mobile printing stations could be installed on EMS vehicles or carried by EMS teams, considering that the weight of the equipment is only 610 g.

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The way of IT innovations

OpenG IT company develops specialized software based on modern high-quality standards. The company is the most experienced in supplying software as a service (including custom function development and customer service) to Emergency Medical Service Stations. EMS stations have the ability to use electronic cards without any interferences, can analyze large amounts of data and monitor situation in real-time.